People who give money to charities don’t usually expect to get something back for it, apart from the satisfaction of supporting a good cause. However, something tangible, like a badge, shirt or any other article likely to help spread awareness of the cause, marks the donation and is physical confirmation of the donor’s support.

Books signed by the author is not the most common return for a donation, but if the author concerned has a vested and personal interest in what the charity is doing, there can be a bonding, a unity of purpose, between donor and author.

Because, in this case, the author is not looking to make ANY money for himself, the donor can feel sure that the entire donation has gone straight to the charity.

There are two simple steps.

Firstly, go to the ‘Bookstore’ section of the site and make a direct donation next to the book of your choice.

Secondly, send the receipt you are given for your donation, which will have your address on it, to

You will then be sent, free of any postage or packing costs, the book you have chosen.

Our charities are:

The Huntington's Disease Association

The U.K. based Huntington’s Disease Association, which provides extensive and dedicated support to Huntington’s Disease patients and their carers. It also explains in detail what HD is and why it is so difficult to deal with.

The Huntington's Disease Youth Organisation

Huntington’s Disease is not confined to older people, and those who get it in their earlier years can finish up with the very worst kinds of HD. The Huntington’s Disease Youth Organisation provides applied and practical support to young people and their families as they try to deal with the illness.